Privacy Policy

Personal data

The company respects absolutely your data of personal content and she ensures that the Shop is legitimate to the provisions of Law 2472/1997 for “Protection of individual, from the treatment of data of personal character” and Law 3471/2006 for “Protection of personal Data and private life “in the electronic communications”. In any case, the Company confirms that by any chance collection, treatment and/or storage of your personal data become accordingly with the law and only with your own explicit consent and only on the aims, as it is required, for the operation of the Shop and the benefit of individual services that you have asked.

The company confirms that she is not to use your personal elements for use not specifically permitted from you, neither she dispatches or notifies any third, individual or legal, party, not connected with the Company, of your elements  without your own explicit consent, with the exception of the cases where the notification is essential for the implementation of your order(eg collaborating shipping companies) or is obligatory from the law.

Even if the navigation in the Shop is feasible and without the requirement of your personal elements, you can profit from more services if you accept to reveal certain elements of personal content depending on each service that interests you. For example, for the aim of creation of a personal account to our Shop you will be asked for your  personal communication details(eg full name, address of correspondence, telephone, email), for the correspondence with the Company and the Shop. Also you should notify us with your personal communication details (eg for the submission of complaints, for the reception of informative/promotional material) etc.

However, essential condition for the beginning and completion of the transaction between us, is the notification of  certain personal details of yours, as the full name of yours, your communication details, your payment method (eg paypal), and your address for the shipping of your order. Also, during your navigation in the Shop with the use of your personal account, the Company can collect information for the configuration of the background of orders and for improvement of  her services .

Our shop allows the visitors/his customers to have access in the file where their personal data are kept and to proceed in corrections, deletions, modifications and additions of data and information that they have submit.

Your Responsibility

The visitor/customer, with the acceptance of present general terms of transaction, declares responsibly that is law capable to contract the present convention as well as to make use of the Shop under the terms and conditions that are reported here. Also, as a visitor/customer of our Shop you agree that you are responsible for each use of the Shop, as well as for the use of your account from other persons (e.g. Family members). The Shop, included the advisers and  workers, is responsible only for deceit or heavy negligence and only for positive damage, and this responsibility it is not able to exceed the value of sold Products.

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